Argot Studio

Argot Studio

Subject Living welcomes brands from all over the world who share our design philosophy. One is Argot Studio, whose alluring pieces we proudly sell exclusively in the Philippines. 

Founded by Irish designer Eimear Ryan in 2018, Argot Studio is a Paris-based design studio that offers 3D-printed, sustainably made collectible pieces designed to elevate any space. Argot's stylistic aim is to transcend seasonality and trends and to last throughout generations. The collections express balance and consideration, fusing minimalist, timeless design with high-quality, bio-sourced materials.

Drawing inspiration from the contrast between brutalist, man-made architecture and organic forms and shapes that exist in nature, Argot's pieces encompass both a poetic and thoughtful rendition. Its core collection consists of signature vases, sculptures, and vessels, characteristic of Argot's classic silhouettes with versatile functionality.


Discover unique and captivating wares by Argot only at Subject Living.


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